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About Fair-Go

Fair-Go" was started by a paramedic who worked at Ambulance Victoria for more than 37 years. Although no longer employed by any public ambulance service, he continues to support the profession and the dedicated men and women who provide this essential service to every member of the community!

Paramedics are human too. They become concerned if the service that they want to deliver is compromised in any way, and they need to tell others about their concerns.

Paramedics also want to be able to communicate freely within their own ranks in a protrected setting.

These are the goals of "Fair-Go".

Paramedics have regularly been voted as the most trusted professionals, but haven't had a public voice or confidential forum. They now have both, at Fair-Go.com!

The Fair-Go Blog is where the public and media can be informed about issues that Paramedics are concerned about and which may adversly affect the delivery of pre-hospital care to the wider community.

The Fair-Go Forum is a closed forum where Austraiasian Paramedics can communicate with each other on an unlimited variety of topics; clinical, social and general, in an environment that promotes healthy and open debate and peer support.